It’s been a little over 5 weeks since Xerocon 2016 took place at London’s Battersea Evolution on the 9th and 10th February but something has stuck with me since Gary Turner first mentioned it on the opening day, “Xero will become the UK’s leading accounting product on any platform in 2016”, quite a bold statement you may think (particularly if you’re a Sage stalwart).


Sage 50 has been stuck in a rut for many years now, peaking at 120,000 users a few years ago and not moving very much since. Xero, the relative new kids on the block, are fast catching up. By the time Xerocon took place and Gary Turner made his statement, Xero had over 102,000 users in the UK alone.

“8 out of 10 Accountants recommend Sage Software” that’s how Sage marketed their software over 20 years ago but is it still true today? Sage was so dominant in their early days that a whole education and training industry grew on the back of Sage 50, with little or no competition it consolidated its position as THE software to use for small business, making it easy for Accountants and Bookkeepers to recommend to their client base who were looking for a day to day bookkeeping and accounts solution.

Fast forward to 2007, Xero was just being born and had a lowly 200 users in its native New Zealand. From then on it has grown drastically and is now used in over 180 countries worldwide with over 600,000 subscribers, 102,000+ of which are in the UK alone. That puts it within striking distance of Sage 50.

As soon ago as September 2012 Xero still only had 15,000 UK subscribers but within 3 years that had grown to 100,000 and now, on 9th February 2016, it has increased again to over 102,000+ subscribers. So why is Xero so popular?

In my opinion, Xero is simple to use, easy to understand and effortless to navigate around that anyone, even those not comfortable with the trials and tribulations of bookkeeping or accountancy, will find painless to use on a daily basis. Sage was and still is, far too complex and difficult to use unless you’ve had hours and hours of training and have the “how to” manual close to hand.

Xero isn’t like that, you can get up and running within an hour or so and with just a few hours of training, you will be more than competent enough to raise sales invoices, post bills and reconcile your bank account. A few hours more training will see you tailoring your chart of accounts, using purchase orders, payroll, vat, repeating invoices……..the list goes on.

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Not only that but Xero go one better (well 500+ actually).

The API or Application Programming Interface on Xero’s system is fully integratable with over 500 add-on partners that offer a variety of additional functionality to Xero itself. Functions such as mileage logging (Tripcatcher), debt chasing (Chaser), bill processing (Receipt Bank), point of sale (Vend), CRM (Capsule) and inventory (Cin7) to name just a few.

These add-on partners enable Xero to be uniquely tailored to almost any kind or size of business providing even more functionality as well as time saving/cost reducing gains at the same time.

Still what to stick with Sage? Go ahead but don’t be surprised if you see a Xero using competitor out-strip you in the next 12 months.

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