It’s the age old problem – getting your invoices paid on time….everytime!!

You’ve done the work you were engaged to do, to the exact requirements of your customer and on time. So, you raise and send them your invoice. And then you wait, and wait, and wait. But still no payment. So what do you do?

Sometimes you don’t want to upset your customer (you never know if they want you to do further work in the future) or they may be one of your best customers and you don’t want them to go elsewhere.

ChaserWell perhaps you could start with regular contact even before the invoice is due for payment. Send them an email making sure they are on track to pay you by the due date. This may be enough to prompt them to make the payment but not always. So you send them another email a couple of days after the due date just to remind them when their payment was due.

Did that work? No. Well you could send them an email every week until the do pay or telephone them weekly to ask for payment. For some customers this may take several weeks, after all they may be experiencing cashflow difficulties themselves, so you keep emailing or telephoning.

All of this is taking up your valuable time, time in which you could be doing work for other customers who will pay you on time.

Well there is a solution to this problem. By using Xero cloud accounting software for your bookkeeping and tagging on a Xero add-on called Chaser, you can automate your debt collecting process and dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend chasing in overdue payments.
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